Friday, April 1, 2011

French Baker


Today I have decided to have a separate blog for FOOD.
Something about me...
Yes, I have passion for cooking and very much into eating hehe. Ofcourse over eating may cause obesity and health problems. That's why we need to take into account nutritious food also.

I would like to discuss little about the title - pretty obvious I love cheesecake! From blueberry, newyork, nutella, dulce de leche to lots and lots of cheesecake flavors, are my favorite desserts.
Life is sweet and delicious like cheesecake, Oh well!

Let's begin to drool... ;)

Yesterday We ate these succulent food @ Frenchbaker SM Megamall. We had our Hyundai Runner's kit at Home Depot, then we headed to SM Megamall for dinner. :)

This is German sausage sandwich (3 out of 5 star)

This is Beef Lasagna with Garlic Bread (3 out of 5 star)
And this is Mango Custard Cake (2 out of 5 star)
Until then! :) Have a sweeeeet life!